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About Dognitive

Our Story

Discover the heart and soul behind dognitive. From a lifelong love for dogs to working with shelters and rescues, our founder, Aoife Sheridan, brings a wealth of experience and passion to every training session.

“Growing up in Dublin in Ireland, there were always dogs in our lives – but without a doubt, the formative canine relationship was with a stray Irish setter/collie mix called Ginger. He lived to be 16 years of age and was the greatest companion a girl could ask for. Volunteering at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) gave me the doggo fixes I needed. More recently, my life has been taken over by Milo – a super sweet Golden Retriever. For me, becoming a dog trainer brings two of my greatest passions together – helping dogs live their best lives and working with people, enabling them to forge stronger bonds with their pups.

Training in New York was an unbelievable experience, working with such a density of dog and human populations with all range of challenges and opportunities for learning. My apprenticeship with Stacy Alldredge ensured I got both hands on experience and detailed theoretical knowledge. I’m now enjoying sharing that knowledge with my Dublin based dogs and pawrents.”

                                                                 – Aoife Sheridan

Our Approach

How does it work?


Initial Zoom or Call

We'll have a quick 10 minute call to chat through what you are looking to achieve with your fur baby and to schedule our first consultation - no charge


First Consultation

I'll come to your home to meet you and your pup(s). We'll get a handle on top priorities and outline plan for you to start working on to get the parent-pup relationship you always dreamed of - €150/hour (includes detailed notes).


Follow-up Sessions

Depending on the severity of your challenge and the size of your ambition for your doggo, we might need some follow on sessions to keep you on track, or maybe you just need a refresher for you and your dog - €125/hour.

Why Choose Us

Why Dognitive?

Playful Approach

Playful Approach

Our training sessions are not just effective; they're also enjoyable. We believe in a playful approach that makes learning fun for both dogs and their owners.

Judgment-Free Zone

Judgment-Free Zone

No need to feel embarrassed about your dog's behavior. At Dognitive, we provide a judgment-free space where every challenge is an opportunity for growth.

Flexible and Convenient

Flexible and Convenient

We understand the demands of a busy life. That's why we offer flexibility, even coming to you for sessions, ensuring training fits seamlessly into your schedule.

Happy Pets
Positive Reviews


Let our Pawrents speak for themselves!

I couldn't be happier with the results from dognitive. Our rescue dog, Molly, had some behavior challenges that left us scratching our heads. Aoife's expertise and playful approach turned things around in no time. What sets dognitive apart is the personalised attention and flexibility. Aoife even came to us for sessions, making it convenient for our busy schedule. If you're a dog owner in Dublin, I don’t think you can go wrong with dognitive.

    - Aoife Dempsey

    dognitive has been a game-changer for me and my super-mutt Labrador, Finn. As an adoptee, Finn understandably came with some significant issues. Aoife's approach is not only effective but so much fun! The improvements were a game changer for us, from something as simple as being able to open the door without fear of him lunging at my visitors to helping us find a more relaxed and enjoyable way of living together. Finn now has an arsenal of new tricks he’s learned and I can tell how how much he enjoys training (as do I!). If I think he’s going to react to something, we jump right into our training. Aoife made it easy and really got our challenges from the get-go. Highly recommend for fellow dog moms and dads! You won’t look back!

      - Withe Thompson

      As a first-time dog owner, the prospect of training my lively Frenchie, Rosie, was a bit daunting. Enter dognitive, and suddenly it all became enjoyable! Aoife's knowledge of both dog behavior and nutrition is impressive. The nutritional consultations were a bonus that I hadn't expected. We also got to meet Milo, her gorgeous Golden, who was a key part to helping Rosie walk better on leash. What a gentle giant! Aoife still regularly checks in to make sure everything is still going well with Rosie, which I really appreciate, as I often have a question (or three!) to swing by her. Cheers Aoife!

        - Jeanne Washington


        Your Trainer

        About Aoife

        As the face behind dognitive, Aoife Sheridan brings a unique blend of passion for dogs and a commitment to helping people build meaningful connections with their pets. Her journey from volunteering at the SPCA to being Milo’s devoted owner fuels her dedication to making a positive impact on dogs and their owners. 

        About Milo

        Milo is a key team member of dognitive. He’s a gentle soul who often acts as a helper dog for those struggling with all sorts of issues from leash walking to dog aggression to just being brave enough to leave your front door! He works free of charge (well, for treats, of course 😉).

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