Services - 6 ways we can help

Behavior Challenges

While we know you adore your dog, sometimes they can develop behaviours that you might struggle to deal with. From simple pulling on the leash, to aggression or separation anxiety, let us work with you to help make your life together more harmonious.

Pictured: Marley, a super cute pup with global fear.

Pup & Adoption Prep

Thinking about bringing a new furry friend into your life? Consult with us for expert advice on preparing your home for a new pup or adopting a dog. The better prepared you are in the early days, the easier the transition will be for you and your doggo.

Pictured: Thor, a Corgi pup being put through his paces.

Puppy Training

So, your pup has landed and your life has been turned upside down by this adorable, furry creature. Don’t worry. We’ve got you!  The early days are crucial for a puppy's development and we’ll help set you all up for success with a tried and tested approach.

Pictured: Phoebe, Golden pup, getting adjusted to city life.

Dog Training

Whether you have a new addition to the family, a bored dog who needs some engagement or an older dog with established habits, our dog training services cater to all ages and breeds. Fun-filled sessions that yield impactful results. Remember 99% of dogs love training!

Pictured: Josie, a bluetick coonhound learning to be more confident outdoors.


A healthy dog is a happy dog. Explore our nutritional consultations to ensure your furry friend gets the best diet for their needs, promoting overall well-being.

Pictured: Milo, a retriever whose diet change to whole food was a game changer for him.

Board & Train*

Are you struggling to find the time to train your dog? We get it. Sometimes a break from their environment and some intensive training can be a game changer.

Part of the deal is we then train you, yes YOU 🙂 to keep up the progress & development.

Pictured: Arlo – my heart! Helped with separation anxiety and being braver outside.

* Not suitable for all cases/dogs - inquire to discuss.


Our Approach

The Best Training For The Best Result


Playful Approach

Our training sessions are not just effective; they're also enjoyable. We believe in a playful approach that makes learning fun for both dogs and their owners.


Judgment-Free Zone

No need to feel embarrassed about your dog's behavior. At Dognitive, we provide a judgment-free space where every challenge is an opportunity for growth.


Flexible and Convenient

We understand the demands of a busy life. That's why we offer flexibility, even coming to you for sessions, ensuring training fits seamlessly into your schedule.


Frequently Asked Questions

Although I hate the “that depends” response, it really does depend on what’s going on with your dog. Most puppies can be trained in 2-3 sessions, but behavioural issues can vary based on the issue and environment. One point I love to make is that the pace of change is very much driven by how much you, as the parents, are willing to put in. A bit like that gym membership, the more you put in the better the results!