Dog Behaviour Training

Dog Behaviour Consulting & Training – Dublin and Louth

Are you at the end of your tether?

Dog behaviour can sometimes sound like a negative thing, even the word ‘behaviour’ sounds almost problematic.

Some behaviours are as simple as a bad habit, others might have more deeply rooted, underlying issues. Regardless of what you are dealing with, the fact that you are reading this page, means you, or someone you know, might need some help or support with their furry buddy.

At dognitive, our dog behaviour consulting service allows you to share what’s going on in a safe, non-judgmental environment. We LOVE that you love your dog and we just want to help!

So, if you are the parent of a dog who is:

  • A little (or a lot) reactive around dogs, people or things (think skateboards, motorbikes, vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, etc.)
  • Anxious outside or when you leave
  • Barking all the time
  • Having accidents inside
  • Chewing all your furniture
  • Eating poop – yep, it’s a real thing!
  • Or even something simple like pulling on the leash

Sometimes it can be hard to imagine what a good dog relationship looks like if you are struggling with certain behaviours. And don’t worry about comparing your dog to anyone else's. This is your pup and we only need to make them perfect for you and your environment, so that you can live happily ever after.

Get in touch to chat with us about our Dog Behaviour Consulting services in both Dublin and Louth.