Dog Training Dublin

Dog Training Dublin

Do you need help with training a newly adopted rescue dog? Or has your perfect pup suddenly started behaving differently? We often get customers coming back to us years after their initial puppy training to get help with a new habit or challenge their dog has developed.

Don’t worry! You’re not alone.

Dogs are a bit like humans in that they don’t just stay static the minute they leave school. They continue to change and develop. That can bring new challenges.

Whatever is going on, we would love to help you understand what’s going on and then figure out a plan together to resolve it. No task is too small or too big. 

At dognitive, we don’t claim to be the best dog training service in Dublin, but we do think we’re pretty awesome. And we know we’re 200% committed to helping you and your dog have a better life together.

We’re here to listen, understand, empathise and of course get great results!

Board & Train
For some dogs in very busy households, we offer a Board & Train service in both Dublin and Louth. This is only suitable for specific dogs and specific environments, where a break from each other will help interrupt the cycle of whatever is going wrong. A condition of the Board & Train is 2 follow-up lessons together to spend time training you on what your dog has learned, so that you can continue to reinforce it and provide consistency for them.

If you think this sounds like you, get in touch and we can discuss whether this might be a good option for you and your furry friend.